England Fencing Honours Committee 2020

England Fencing Honours Committee
Dear Members,
For many years England Fencing has awarded Honours to those that have supported the growth and development of fencing, either through individual, regional or national contributions, or a mix of all of the above.
There are five levels of award, which are decided upon at the discretion of the Honours Committee:
  • Note of merit
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Vice President (highest honour)
The Honours Committee consists of all former ‘Vice Presidents’, the immediate past President of England Fencing and is chaired by the current Deputy President.
Honours are awarded annually and will be announced at the next AGM (Q4 2020 – date and venue TBC). The committee will convene around one month in advance.
It is our intention to post the records of those who have received honours on England Fencing’s website, once the website redesign process is complete.
At this time we wish to notify Members that this nomination process is open. Please submit any nominations topresident@englandfencing.org.uk

All nominations should include a brief synopsis of the nominee’s service to fencing within England and the reason(s) for nomination.

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