England Fencing Ranking events and Selection information for Youth International Development 2021

England Fencing Selection Document and Ranking Calculation for Youth International Development events 2021


Foil Sabre
International Youth Fencing Cup

Ghent, Belgium

CEP Marathon

Paris, France

Trofeu Sant Jordi

Barcelona, Spain





From 2021 we will be focusing on events to develop fencers using international events for U14 with birth years 2007/08

The England Fencing rankings will reflect fencers’ results who fenced in the right age category in the domestic selection events listed in section 3 and achieved ranking points as set out in section 4 of this document.

Selection for international events will be made directly off the published rankings with no discretion and subject to good disciplinary record.

8 fencers for each weapon and gender will be selected for U14 international events from the relevant England Age Group Rankings.

Development budget and priorities for U17 and U20 will focussed on Commonwealth Junior and Cadet Championships in Delhi and Youth 5 Nations will be detailed in a separate document. The British Fencing Rankings will be used for these events.


The selection will be made after the last selection event for that weapon up until the on the 2nd December 2020.

Places will be allocated in order of rank. If the date of any foreign events has changed significantly and the selection date has to be changed then this fact will be publicised on the England Fencing website and via England Fencing social media.

Fencers considered for selection will be limited to the top 20 of the England Fencing weapon ranking lists (http://englandfencing.co.uk/rankings/) If you wish to be considered for selection for England, please ensure your personal information is up to date with British Fencing Sport 80 membership platform.


The ranking lists shall include the fencer’s best 5 results from the following competitions in a calendar year from 2nd December 2019 until the 1st December 2020. If an event has moved so it falls in the same ranking year, the latest competition results will count towards 2021 selection.

  1. a) British Youth Championships 2020 (U12 and U14)
  2. b) England Youth Championships 2020 (U13)
  3. d) Leon Paul Junior Series competitions (U13)
  4. f) The Youth Series events (U12, U14)
  5. g) The Northern Youth Challenge (U12, U14)
  6. Additional weapon competitions:
  7. i) for Foil: Newham Swords Junior Challenge Series events U12 + U14
  8. ii) for epée: Elite Epee U12, U14 open competitions; Cocks Moor Epee U13

iii) for Sabre: Stratford Sabre U12 + U14. PDFA Academy Sabre events U14 and U12.

iiii) Open youth competitions with for ages U12 and U14 who have applied for inclusion to the ranking scheme (Conditions apply. Submissions to Head of Representative fencing beth.davidson@englandfencing.org.uk)


4.1 The ranking list co-ordinators will assign points according the to the final position achieved in the competition. (See point 5)

4.2 Points are only awarded to fencers finishing in the top 50% of the competition and only if they finish in the L32. This will be rounded down of the 50% calculation.

4.3 The BEST 5 results count for your England Ranking.

4.4 There will be no rolling rank or carry over. Points will be calculated from competitions taking place in the calendar year from December 2nd 2019 until the 1st December 2020


  1. You must be a British Citizen and hold a UK passport on the selection date.
  2. You must also be eligible to represent GBR at international level
  3. You must be a member of England Fencing

Fencers must ensure their personal British Fencing Membership details are up to date as these will be used for all correspondence.

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