Junior and Cadet Commonwealth Championships 2018 – Newcastle

Selection Document Junior Cadet SelectionCriteria CFC 2018 Newcastle



England Fencing U17, U15 and U13 Selection Document and Ranking Calculation for International events in Paris and Poland 2019 as follows:


For 2019 International events, selections will be allocated as follows:

1a U17 Foil – Challenge CEP Marathon, Paris 2019. Subject to the pilot U17 event to Paris in 2018, we will select a squad to the Challenge CEP Marathon in Paris 2019. The aim of this is to provide a pathway for fencers into Cadet fencing.

Fencers in each gender finishing in the top 4 of the 2017 EYC U15 foil events will be automatically selected.
The remaining places (to a total of 12 per gender and weapon) will be allocated according to the England Fencing weapon specific ranking list.

1b U15 Epee, sabre and foil- Challenge Wratslavia, Wroclaw Poland 2019:
Fencers in each gender finishing in the top 4 of the 2018 EYCs weapon specific events will be selected automatically if they are U15 on Jan 1st 2019.
The remaining places (to a total of 12 per gender and weapon) will be allocated according to the England Fencing U15 weapon specific ranking lists.

1c For U13 Epee, sabre and foil- Challenge Wratslavia, Wroclaw Poland 2019
Fencers finishing in the top 4 of the 2018 EYCs
The remaining places (to a total of 6 per weapon, per gender) will be allocated according to the U13 foil, epee and sabre England ranking lists.
N.B. Because the international events are taking place in 2019, fencers will be selected based on their correct age category as of 1st Jan 2019

The selection date will normally be 10 days after the final competition in November 2018 and selection will not be subject to discretion and fencers must have a good disciplinary record.
Places will be allocated in order of rank, excluding those already qualified via the EYCs. If the date of any foreign event is brought forward significantly and the selection date has to be changed then this fact will be publicised on the England Fencing website and via England Fencing social media.
Team managers will contact the top 20 from the ranking lists so fencers can express their availability for selection. If a fencer is outside of the top 20 on the final ranking list, eligible (see point 6) fencers may apply in writing for selection for the ‘Development Squad’ to the relevant Team Manager with required documentation. Subject to places available after the initial allocation from the top 20, applications will be accepted on a first come first served basis. 3)


The ranking lists shall include the fencer’s best 5 results from the following competitions in a calendar year from 1st December 2017 to the 30th November 2018:

a) British Youth Championships 2018
b) England Youth Championships 2018 (U13 and U15)
c) British Cadet Championships 2018 (U17)
d) Leon Paul Junior Series competitions U13 and U15 in the relevant weapon
e) Additional competitions:
i) for Foil: the Manchester Cadet Tournament, BRC U17 competitions and the
Newham Swords Junior Challenge Series events U12 + U14
ii) for epée: BRC U17 competitions, the Young Hoskyns (U13) and the Elite Epee U12 and U14 open competitions; Cocks Moor Epee U13 & U15.
iii) for Sabre: BRC U17 competitions and the Stratford U14.


4.1 The ranking list co-ordinators will assign points according the to the final position achieved in the competition. (See point 5)
4.2 Points are only awarded to fencers finishing in the top 50% of the competition and only if they finish in the L32.
4.3 The BEST 5 results count for your England Ranking.
4.4 There will be no rolling rank or carry over. Points will be calculated from competitions taking place in the calendar year from 1st December 2017 to 30th November 2018.

The points for a competition are calculated by multiplying the NIF x Position multiplier. NIF is a value reflecting the strength of a competition. The position multiplier is a range of values between 1.4 and 20. The higher the fencer is placed, the higher the multiplier.

Note that there are steps in the position multiplier table at 4th/5th, 8th/9th and 16th/17th rewarding the fencer who succeeds in winning more DE fights. The effect of this is that a fencer might earn more points for a 12th place in a strong competition like the BYC U14 than they would by coming 3rd in a relatively weak LPJS.

We have designated certain fencers to have a youth NIF as follows:

We also add ¼ of a NIF point for every non-NIF fencer attending a competition. Sometimes a fencer qualifies for different NIF values, in which case the higher value is used. For example, the Ashton LPJS Foil 2007 U13 had 18 entrants. Clyde (NIF 8), Davis and Cruise (NIF 4 each), Williams, Lee and Roberts (NIF 2 each) and Selby, Bailey and Collier (NIF 1 each) plus 9 non-NIF fencers at a ¼ point each. Total NIF for that comp was 27.25. At Eton LPJS Foil 2007 U13 however, many more strong fencers competed, as well as 42 non-NIF fencers, so that NIF was 53.5. Cadet rankings (the rankings immediately before the relevant event) should be used ONLY for U17 selection competition
Position Multipliers
The conventional position multipliers that we use at Senior comps are designed to spread over 64
places, and are not ideal for a system that only gives points for a L32, or for comps with only 15 or 20


You must be a British Citizen and hold a UK passport on the selection date.
You must also be eligible to represent GBR at international level
You must be a member of England Fencing

Qualifying fencers must be members of England Fencing at the time of selection and at the time of the event, must agree (with parental consent) to the code of conduct and conditions (including financial and travel arrangements) of the trip. England Fencing Ltd reserves the right to withhold selection from fencers with an unsatisfactory disciplinary record, or with an outstanding debt to EF or its agents.

In the event that a team manager is unable to contact a selected fencer within a reasonable time-scale, the offer of selection may be withdrawn and offered to the next available fencer from the rankings.

Any appeal against the accuracy of the final rankings must be made to the ranking keeper within 7 days of the publication of the final rankings. If this does not resolve the issue a further appeal may be made within 10 days of the publication of the final rankings to the Director of Representative Fencing whose decision shall be final.


We wish to encourage fencers not to ‘fence up’ into a higher age groups even though some competition organisers allow this discretion.

Ranking points achieved in the selection events will be allocated to a fencer who fences in their correct age group on the date of competition. Ranking co-ordinators to allocate points to the appropriate age group they will be for the 2019 international competitions.

Although every effort will be made to provide accurate and timely information, England Fencing Ltd. reserves the right to alter the selection policy without notice.

i) The main purpose of these trips is to introduce young fencers to the international competition environment and to the atmosphere and requirements of working within a National squad; supporting development towards Great British selection.
ii) Accepting a place on an England Squad may restrict the right of a fencer to represent another country in the future. Individuals who are eligible to represent more than one country should consider these factors before accepting selection.
iii) England Fencing encourages fencers who were close to selection, to make private entries for Paris and Poland and the team managers will do their best to help with practical arrangements. However the standard of these events is extremely high and they are not appropriate for inexperienced competitors.

Link to England Fencing U15 ranking lists:

Questions specific to the ranking lists should be directed to the ranking co-ordinators:

Foil – Sandra Beardmore (

Epee – Rodney Francis (

  1. Sabre –

For questions about the overall purpose and management of the trips or to volunteer to help, please contact Beth Davidson Director of Representative Fencing E-mail: 07834884194

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