Senior Women’s Foil Rankings

Below are the Senior Women’s Foil Rankings for the month below. They are to be used for seeding all open competitions held in that month.

For full details, and colour coding of NIF fencers, please see the spreadsheet at the bottom of this page. The NIF values for each fencer are shown by the blue colour coding.

N.B. Fencers who have not held British Fencing membership during the ranking period have been removed in line with the revised ranking rules.

2014 – 15

2014-15 SWF March

2014-15 SWF February

2014-15 SWF January

2014-15 SWF December

2014-15 SWF November

2014-15 SWF October

2014-15 SWF September



2013-14 SWF August

2013-14 SWF July

2013-14 SWF June (updated 4/6)

2013-14 SWF May

2013-14 SWF April

2013-14 SWF March

2013-14 SWF February (corrected 5/2)

2013-14 SWF January (corrected 6/1)

2013-14 SWF December

2013-14 SWF November

2013-14 SWF October (updated 8/10 – no change to data, just some format issues)

2013&2014 SWF (1) Start of season upload


2011-2012 SWF Uploads

2010-2011 SWF Uploads