Head of Representative Fencing – Applications Open

England Fencing are seeking expressions of interest from the membership for the role of Head of Representative Fencing. This is an exciting opportunity to work at all levels of fencing in England and to be part of the development and alignment of the EF youth pathway with the BF pathway for developing and talented fencers. A summary of the role’s  responsibilities is included below. The Board are keen to hear from anyone who is passionate about developing England’s Fencers. The road out of the Covid Pandemic, the Commonwealth Fencing Championships across most age ranges and supporting youth, U14, fencing in England provides a particularly unique opportunity for the post holder to positively impact the growth and development of fencing in England. 

If you are interested in the role please send a brief covering letter and CV highlighting any relevant experience to tristan.parris@englandfencing.org.uk

If you have any questions at all about the role please email Tristan Parris at the above address

Role Description – Head of Representative England Fencing


Direct responsibilities

  1. Ensure all aspects of England Fencing in relation to representative fencing are of the highest standards in relation to governance, safeguarding, etc.

  2. Liaison with external partners in relation to international events (eg BF, Vets, CFF, other
  3. Appoint and manage volunteers to assist with EF representative activity e.g. Team Managers, ranking list coordinators, selectors, officials etc. (subject to ratification by EF Board).

  4. With team create a calendar of relevant events for rankings and to lead to selection for EF representative events (under 14 EFC events annually, under 17/20/senior CFC and 5

  5. Supervision of selection process (including facilitating tie-breaks where necessary)

  6. Managing international budget

  7. Maintaining website postings and other external communications relating to international fixtures. Managing and ensuring social media is correctly used to promote EF representative activity

  8. Report to board at Board Meetings (c. 5 per year) and prepare a report for the EF AGM
  9. To maintain internal communication to relevant stakeholders within England Fencing.

  10. Monitoring of policies and processes for suitability and efficacy and:
    1. Instigating minor revisions to agreed policy on own authority
    2. Proposing major changes to policy for board ratification

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