England Veterans Fencing Association

Chairman’s Report 2017

The year has been busy with England hosting the Home International in Durham and a Commonwealth Veterans Championship in Christchurch, New Zealand. The committee have met once and communicated by email to select teams and organise events.

The 10th Home International was organised by Beth Davidson in Durham in April. We again retained the Justin Smith trophy after an exciting weekend of fencing. This year’s event will be in Dublin on 6th May.

The Commonwealth Championships were held in Christchurch, New Zealand on 17-20 November. Twenty England fencers travelled to an excellent event held only days after a major earthquake. One of our fencers, Caroline Clancy, experienced the earthquake first hand and only just managed to make it to Christchurch in time for her event. With Australia and Canada fielding strong teams we did well to bring home 8 gold, 10 silver and 3 bronze medals. Special mention goes to our women’s sabre team who won 2 gold and 2 silver medals.

Again thanks go to England Fencing for their support as well as funding some of our expenses.

With the change in the BVF Championships the committee are struggling with deciding the best way to select England teams. Any thoughts would be most welcome.

I would like to thank Gillian Aghajan for putting information in the BVF newsletter and John Mason for sending out numerous emails. Also thanks to the members of the committee for the time and enthusiasm they have put into another successful year.

John Crouch

Chairman, England Veterans Fencing

Commonwealth Veterans Championships 2016

Christchurch, New Zealand 17-20 November 2016

The 12th Commonwealth Veterans Fencing Championships were held in New Zealand on 17-20 November. A team of 9 men and 10 women represented England in an 11 nation event with nearly 200 competitors. A successful event produced 8 gold, 10 silver and 3 bronze medals to leave us in second place behind of Australia. For the first time the event was run as an Age Group event. There were two rounds of poules with everyone competing and then each age group was fenced as a direct elimination.

The first day was men’s epee and women’s sabre where we secured 7 medals. In the men’s competition Anton Pollard won the over 60 gold with Graham Paul taking silver. Mick Meyer won silver in the over 70 age group with Derek Collier taking bronze. In the women’s sabre Jane Hutchison dominated the over 50 category, with silvers going to Yvonne Walls in the over 60s and Jacqueline Esimaje-Heath in the over 40s.

The second day was men’s sabre, women’s foil and team events from the previous day and another 7 medals. Medals of each colour were won in the men’s sabre with gold for Chris Prevett at over 60s, silver for Mike Frith in the over 70s and bronze for Roger Nickless in the over 50s. In the women’s foil Janet Cooksey won her first gold at over 70s with silver medals for Caron Hale at over 50s and Moya McNamara at over 60s. The day finished in spectacular fashion with the women’s sabre team dominating Australia to take gold. The men’s sabre team lost out in the bronze medal match.

The third day was men’s foil, women’s epee and team events and another 7 medals. In the men’s foil Graham Paul took gold in the over 60s and Derek Collier a silver in the over 70s. In the women’s event golds went to Margaret Oniye at over 50 and Janet Cooksey at over 70 with a bronze for Moya McNamara at over 60s. In both team events, men’s sabre and women’s foil, we took silvers losing out in both finals to Australia.

The final day was just team events at men’s foil and women’s epee. In both events our teams lost out in the bronze medal matches.

Due to the distance and the resulting cost the England team was not as strong as that which fenced in Largs in 2014. However, I was pleased with the team spirit and the efforts of all the team members. I would also like to mention Viv Mills who acted as my deputy and supported all the fencers with advice and encouragement.

Detailed results can be seen at

I would like to thank England Fencing for their support with the entries and for financing the teams.

John Crouch

Team Manager