2020 Honours

The England Fencing Honours Committee recognises the following for their contribution to fencing in England:

Bronze – John Anderson

The committee recognises John’s 31 years of service to Gravesham Fencing Club and the work John has done in a rural location to promote the sport of fencing within the local community. John has served as club captain, president, coach and supported hundreds of fencers develop their passions and seek to reach their potential.

Bronze – Jacqui Lever

The committee recognises Jacqui’s support for club and regional fencing over many years. She has served as Eastern Region Treasurer, supported the Elite Epee Junior Series, ran DTs, supported England Fencing with the organisation of Wroclaw and continually supports Oundle Peterborough and Stamford Epee Club.

 Gold – Viv Mills

Viv has worked tirelessly for many years to promote and support the sport of fencing within England. This has included serving on the board of England Fencing, organising and running the EYCs for multiple years, travelling the world supporting England teams, and lobbying MPs and anyone else she can meet with to get fencing back on the GCSE curriculum (amongst other things). Additionally Viv has worked hard to raise awareness, recognition of and inclusion of wheelchair fencing athletes wherever possible.

Gold – Marie Liston

Marie served as President of England Fencing and as such took on a great deal of work and responsibility to further, promote and protect fencing in England. Aside from this significant workload, the Committee recognises the work that Marie has done in the North East region, where she has transformed the delivery of the sport, e.g. via Street Swords.


Deferred honours (decided in 2013 but deferred due to service on the England Fencing board)


Gold – Ray Stafford


Gold – Peter Smith


The Committee would also like to declare a submission for recognition for Alex Savin – although as he is a serving board member, the committee has not considered that nomination at this time.

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