Criteria for selection
Junior and Cadet Commonwealth Championships
[Newcastle, Tyne and Wear 2018]


* You must be a British Citizen and hold a UK passport.
* You must also be eligible to represent GBR at international level.

* You then have the right to represent England Fencing provided that:

1. you were born in England; or
2. you have a parent born in England; or
3. you are normally resident in the England and have been for a period of time (length of time depends on age and connection); and
4. you are a member of England Fencing.

Selections for the individual and team events will be made on the 5th February 2018 taking in account of events prior to that date
5 fencers per weapon will be selected for the individual events
Full six weapon teams will be selected unless otherwise stated.
Team events, four places will be allocated from the five fencers selected for the individual events.
Teams will comprise of three plus a reserve selected for each weapon.

The British Junior and Cadet Ranking list after the final selection event (U23s February) published on the British Fencing web site will be used.

Fencers will be considered for selection providing that they are eligible on the selection date and have a good disciplinary record with both England Fencing and British Fencing.

For the individual events, the top three places will initially be selected automatically from the British Fencing rankings. Fourth and fifth places will be discretionary.

In the selection of discretionary places and all subsequent replacements after the initial selection, selectors may take into consideration any factors including, but not limited to; injury; good disciplinary record; past results at GB, England.

Where discretionary places have been given to fencers, those fencers who have been over selected will be notified of the selector’s decisions. Fencers have the right to appeal if there is evidence that selections were made incorrectly, or certain factors may have prejudiced decisions. Appeals must be made within 5 days after the date of publication of selections and should be made to the Director of Representative Fencing.

Beth Davidson, Director of Representative Fencing

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