England win 5 Nations in Dublin!

England continue the winning run at the Fencing 5 Nations with an unprecedented unbeaten record in Dublin at the weekend! Congratulations to the team and staff England Fencing are proud of you all !

England Fencing Team 2019 – Dublin

ME:  Max Milner, Chris Howser, Timothy Devenport

WE:  Hannah Nesbitt, Maddie Lee, Marg Oniye, Jess Varley

MF:  Harry Bird, Alex Schlindwein, Ben Bates, James Page

WF:  Zoe Sudderick, Ayesha Fihosy, Sophie Townsend

MS:  Nick Howes, Ethan Rentzos, Charles Gellett, Soji Aiyenuro

WS:  Danielle Einchcomb, Bridget Pleasant, Shreya Anil, Alex Davis




Coach:  Jonathan Katz

Team Manager:  Caryl Oliver

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