England hold on to the 5 Nations!



The 5th of November was more than Guy Fawkes night but England were able to hold on the the 5 Nations in unbroken 10 years! At the helm were Team Managers Caryl Oliver and Lindsay Bottoms who stepped into the role from Beth Davidson this year!

Taking place at Manchester Fencing Centre it was England’s term to host this competition which moves on to Cardiff next year. It was not easy sailing for England, there was tough competition in Men’s Foil and Men’s Sabre.  Northern Ireland took the title in Men’s Foil and Scotland were Men’s Sabre champions.

Well done to our team and officials!

Team Managers
Caryl Oliver and Lindsay Bottoms
Team Coach Jonathan Katz

Men’s Foil
Matthew Billing
Alex Lloyd
Richard Morris
David Standen

Women’s Foil
Cathy Cook
Oxana Mikhaleva
Tamara Carnac
Erika Cserny

Men’s Epee
Tomas Curran Jones
Paul Sanchez-Lethem
Calum Maynard
Greg Allen

Women’s Epee
Mary Cohen
Katrina Smith
Abbi Matthews
Hannah Lawrence

Men’s Sabre
George Burton
Steve Pope
Brynmor Saunders

Women’s Sabre
Emily Ruaux
Letitia Steer
Bridget Pleasant
Rachel Lasance

Full Results


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