England takes triumphant Junior Cadet Commonwealth title

Well done to the England Junior Cadet Commonwealth team in achieving the India Trophy, Commonwealth age group trophy, beating India t0 second place.

Congratulations to team managers Maxine Foxwell-Moss and Dan Redshaw, Coaches – Richard Lloyd Jones, Sarah Ellis, Nick Chapman, Ian Litchfield, John Routledge.


Commonwealth Champions

Eleanor Taylor – Cadet Women’s Epee

Ellen Robbins-Wilkinson – Cadet Women’s Sabre

Julian Richards 2nd – Cadet Men’s Sabre

Cadet Women’s Sabre Team

Cadet Men’s Foil Team

Cadet Men’s Sabre Team

Laura Sheffield – Junior Women’s Epee

Shreya Anil – Junior Women’s Sabre

Harry Bird – Junior Men’s Foil

William East – Junior Men’s Epee

James Edwards – Junior Men’s Sabre

Junior Women’s Epee Team

Junior Men’s Foil Team

Junior Men’s Sabre Team



India Trophy final rank

CFF President Helen Smith presenting event plaque to Peter Smith Event Director

Event team

Men’s Junior Foil Champions

Junior Women’s Epee

Men’s Foil Team

Wheelchair Fencing Demonstration


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