EYC 2018 Lost property

This is the lost property list from this weekend’s EYCs

Please contact Janet Huggins and confirm your right of ownership and arrangement for return

pjhuggins@btinternet.com or home phone no 01622 739605

EYC’s 18 Lost property size
Odds and ends
Leon Paul coaches gillet
Hex spanner long Poppy Chennells
camping stool
Umberella Dolce Grimaldi
Cool bag blue small
Leon Paul Epee  contour Arena Donati 350N small
Leon Paul Foil Horizon contour P.M 350n medium
Leon Paul Foil Horizon contour Sam Mewawalla 350N small
Leon Paul Foil bodywire  bayonett
mask wire WILF
RH Glove Artyom Boyarov small
Sabres 2 SABRES in small blue LP weapon & HSO 2 size 2
sabre body wire
Sabre Leon Paul size 5
PBT red handle 2 pin size 5
PBT red handle 2 pin Maraging blade size 5
Epees French grip RH epee red handle CLFC size3
French grip RH epee blue handle CLFC SIZE 3
General clothing
Black hoddie Challenge Wratislavia Maisas Richards
Carrier bag Lizzie blue “Criminal” tshirt , pair mittens
pink/blue fleece, book Shakespeare

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