Fencing not to feature in 2018 School Games

It is with sadness to announce that fencing and wheelchair fencing is not going to feature in the School Games from 2018. For our best Home Nation youth fencers this was a highlight of their sporting calendar to be representing their Country in this Olympic and Paralympic style event which has featured in the Games since its inception in Glasgow in 2006.

Some of GBs current best fencers who took part at the School Games included 2014 European Champion James Davis, 2017 European Bronze medallist Laura Sheffield, Rio Paralympic Silver medallist Piers Gilliver and 2017 double World Champion wheelchair fencer Dimitri Coutya.

Josh Waddell

The Youth Sport Trust who have been the lead organisation for the School Games announced that they were refreshing the programme of sports participating at this annual event and fencing was one of a number of sports not successful in their application.

Josh Waddell, triple gold medallist in the Wheelchair events at the last Games said, “I am disappointed to hear that wheelchair fencing is not going to be included in the School Games. I have attended the last 3 Games and it has provided me with valuable experience about competitive fencing and the Games environment. In my first year I secured 3 bronze medals, 2nd year I secured 1 silver and 2 bronze and this year I achieved 3 gold medals. This year I also achieved a bronze medal at the U23 World Championships. I don’t think I would have done that without the Games experience.”


Matthew Dickinson, double gold medalist at 2017 School Games said, “The School Games gave me the confidence under pressure internationally and now this experience is not going to be there to other athletes in our sport.”

England Fencing is working hard with the other Home Nations to replace the event to support youth fencing.

England Team School Games 2017

Link to Youth Sport Trust announcement http://schoolgamesfinals.org/2017/10/11/refreshed-competition-programme-for-2018-school-games-national-finals/

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