U17, U15, U13 England Fencing Ranking scheme change 2020

England Fencing U13 U15 U17 ranking scheme 2020


For the purpose of selection of international events, England Fencing is going to apply a new ranking scheme for the calculation of points for the relevant season as published in the Selection Criteria. This will be applied from December 2018 for the purpose of selecting events in 2020



The points for a competition are calculated by multiplying


(Number of fencers in competition) x (Age group multiplier) x (Position multiplier)


The Number of fencers in the competition speaks for itself but for the elimination of doubt this will include any starter who has to abandon or is removed from the competition for disciplinary reasons.


The Age group multipliers will be 1 for U12 and U13 competitions; 2 for U14 and U15 competitions; 3 for U16 competitions and 4.5 for U17 competitions.


Position Multipliers

The conventional position multipliers that we use at Senior comps are designed to spread over 64 places and are not ideal for a system that only gives points for a L32, or for comps with only 15 or 20 entries. We have used a different multiplier as follows:

Note that there are steps in the position multiplier table at 3rd/5th, 8th/9th and 16th/17th rewarding the fencer who succeeds in winning more DE fights. The effect of this is that a fencer might earn more points for a 12th place in a large competition like the BYC U14 than they would by coming 3rd in a relatively small LPJS.


We wish to encourage fencers not to ‘fence up’ into a higher age groups even though some competition organisers allow this discretion.


Ranking points achieved in the selection events will be allocated to a fencer who fences in their correct age group for International events in 2020. This is to account for change of age groups on 1st January 2020.


Link to England Fencing U15 ranking lists: http://englandfencing.co.uk/rankings/

Questions specific to the ranking lists should be directed to the ranking co-ordinators:

Foil – Sandra Beardmore (EnglandRankings@aol.com)

Epee – Rodney Francis (rodneyfrancis@hhl.me.uk)rankings: http://francisfencing.org.uk/wroclaw/

Sabre – Sierra Goldberg sierrargoldberg@gmail.com,


For questions about the overall purpose and management of the trips or to volunteer to help, please contact Beth Davidson Director of Representative Fencing E-mail: beth.davidson@englandfencing.org.uk. 07834884194

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