England victors at Commonwealth Championships in Australia

England win the Commonwealth Wilkinson trophy for a record 6th time in Canberra Australia yesterday! The combined performances from our fencers and gold medal tally this week increased the gap between the other 31 member countries!

We achieved 6 gold 6 silver and 4 bronze medals in the senior events, beating our next rival Scotland.

The veterans were also in action with 5 silver and 3 bronze medals

Gold medal individual winners

Tommy Curran-Jones – Men’s Epee

Ben Peggs- Men’s Foil

William Deary – Men’s Sabre

Silver medal individual winners

Jonathan Webb – Men’s Sabre

Katrina Smith – Women’s Epee

Ayesha Fihosy- Women’s Foil

Emily Ruaux – Women’s Sabre

Nichola Hull – Women’s Veteran Epee

Bronze medal individual winners

Paul Sanchez-Lathem – Men’s Epee

Kamal Minott- Men’s Foil

Zack Hamilton – Men’s Sabre

Julie Henson – Women’s Epee

Alexander Ellison – Men’s sabre

Nichola Hull – Women’s Veteran Foil

Jane Hutchison – Women’s Veteran Sabre


Team medal winners


Men’s Sabre

Women’s Epee

Women’s Sabre



Men’s Foil

Men’s Sabre

Women’s Foil

Men’s Veteran Foil

Men’s Veteran Sabre

Women’s Veteran Epee

Women’s Veteran Foil

Women’s Veteran Sabre




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